Dear Jamari

Well you shall read this probably when I am still alive or old as hell.

Baby boy I know the cliche line about the first time I held you should sound like a scene from a movie but it was nothing like that.I could barely see you because I was hypothermic and really fucked up to even get a clear glimpse of you.It felt exactly like a train passed over me and left me for dead.I could barely walk lol.After the doctors attended to you and brought you to me I stared at you and thought are you going to be crazy risky or super nerdy.You were so light almost pink lol hell I felt kinda powerful knowing  I could push a racoon size baby as handsome as you.

First all i did not understand why you hated being swaddled with the lights onπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ or why you chose not sleep before it clocked 2 am.You still amaze me till date how you can operate a laptop, change channels,operate an iPad,a phone on your own and  you are barely three years but I am not too surprised because we have visual memory (trust me it comes in handy😌)

You are smart (trust me I am not pulling your pants or pulling the usual mummy vibe if you were dumb I would tell youπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ syke), a very calculative persona,positively aggressive ,curious and outstanding.Sometimes I run home just to see you meet me at the door and go like “Hi” so many times or have pointless conversations with mention of meaningless words or watching cartoons with you or better yet doing chores with you (you are my chores partner in life).This reminds me even when most people care less about me you care about me way more  and I have someone to breath for.I hope our relationship lasts this way.

Your mother is a crazy person ,overprotective and pretty paranoid but it is because you are my greatest creation.God gave me a sense of meaning and direction when he gave me you.I felt withdrawn from the world with its kill switches but you dug me out a hole.Truth is sometimes you get on my last nerve though and it is really frustrating when you refuse to sleep and we watch your animations on replay when I have to rise and hustle.You make serious situations seem stupid through your facial expressions even without you saying a word.That is how I know you hold my heart and my character in a way.☺

Before you were born I was the life of the party.I could do it non stop.I feel ninety now figuring when it starts getting to two am i am almost passed out not because of the alcohol in most cases (the wave of sleep thoughπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚).That shit grew old when I got to know I was carrying you.7 months in you were 1 kg.2 months away from delivery your chances of survival were slim but you made it through like a true fighter you are.That is why i fight to do better and to be better and to hustle more than ever.I got crazy suggestions from so called people meant to be my “friends” to get rid of you and they even showed me places to get it done.I mean who pays ksh 6500 to get rid of a priceless gift.That is such an insult.Abortion is an action that haunts you for ever.You will relive it over and over because it is murder.The irony is you will have a baby eventually so abortion is not the most pleasant knowijg what the side effects could be.That is how i lost friends and made friends.Your aunties are nuts but sweet.They adore you and crush on you too much.Remember that you can always call on them for you hold  their heart.Your uncles are overprotective but stupid fun.They refuse to grow old  lol. Your daddy was my food delivery guy and my Google partnerπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ (I appreciate him though☺) . Your appepite and cravings were on another level:Raw mangoes,fried meat or choma,crisps and kitkat was the diet.Every time I got home and sat down you would start playing, kicking and moving around in my tummy.The coolest part was when I saw your foot step on the side of my tummy.It was mind bottling.

Italians abducted my baby lol

You are super naughty though but I get it you are as curious as mummy and weird like daddy  (some traits did not come from me)πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.I love you so much jamari so much  that I do not want you to grow up and go into this cruel world.You shall face hurdles,fights and tough situations that I will probably not be able to help you with but I want you to always remember you ain’t leaving the true meaning of life if its not bumpy. You will meet liars,hypocritical characters ,pretenders,cheaters,fake people but do not forget what does not kill you will makes you stronger. You will learn who to trust and whom to hold dear. They may not be many but count your blessings.

You have so much to explore and achieve but please be sweet to me when you are a teenager.I will be using my old school mummy vibe to instill some pointers that will help you along the way.I will not be the bad mum just the concerned paranoid mum you feel me?πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I am not perfect but I try to give you the best version to emulate.
Moreso what I cannot wait to see is the girls you shall date or not date no?πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.Please impress meπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚(no pressure) .Well you shall get heartbroken but since you are in the male clan it will probably go easier on you.All I ask as lame as it may sound to people is to be respectful not only by actions but by words too,considerate of your actions and treat your lady well as you treat me or your aunty or any female figure in your life.You will not be the woose but the grown and mature man. A thing most people lack nowadays or do not know how it goes. I cannot wait to meet my grandchildren and see my generation grow then I will have known I have lived a great legacy.I can be controlling but I want you to know that not books that necessarily drives your career but education is part of the key.Focus on what you love to do because your talent may push you further in life even when I insist that you  should  read more, know more and get good grades.Do not forget to nurture your talents. I will definitely support you and help you through it as much as  I can if you can balance both. (Divide and conquer).

Remember nothing comes easy my love and no one gets it easy.If it’s too easy ask yourself why.Hard work  and determination and selflessness takes you a mile further each time.Most importantly pray,repent even when you do not deserve to be forgiven and ask for guidance because our maker is more powerful than any human creature.

Be wise my son for knowledge is facts but wisdom is the key to life achievements.


Need to be

Well there is always a void that we all try to fill. Either to accept or understand loss and be okay with it. We may indulge into the small rotten things in life in order to forget (DRUGS). It seems like the easier stone throw away option. We have dreams and goals the ones that define us and achieving them will make us totally whole and different. Its one thing to want and its another thing to get. I know you are wondering what the hell is up with the sentimental speech:?:? but you shall understand in some few minutes. 

I love peace and sanity. 2016 was a rollercoaster of hate , love , anger,  cut off replay. I got to learn things on a much wider black board.There is always a “need to” when it comes to humans. For instance relationships- there is a need to be loved more, cuddled more, adorned more, treated correct more, invested more, more effort put,  more honesty, more open. Goals-more zeal, more effort, more additions, more ideas, more achievements. Career-more pay, more appreciation, more dedication, more time, more value, more promotions. Family-more kids, more love, more perseverance, more persistance, more vacations, more peaceful days. 

I recently witnessed a situation like two days ago where my neighbours who happen to be some young couple between the ages of 20-25 almost killed each other. They argued,  fought and took it to the balcony where everyone could see and the next day they were giggling and laughing. In my head,the thoughts were horrendous. I mean why waste a whole goddamn afternoon pulling hair and kicking nuts if you are going to go back and cuddle. Is this a goddamn circus? Yall should not have made it our business. Thing is my parents have been together for roughly give or take 37 years. It was not a ride on a tricycle. Good times,  hard times and seriously pathetic times. The only difference between the other centuries and our century was that we have the need to give up easily. We have the need to be the last to say. We have the need to be equal. We have the need for things to always go our own personal ways. That is why we have techincal relationships and marriages where we focus on benefits not emotions. We focus on the need to fit in a certain stereotype forgetting beauty fades but love conquers even in the most weird ways.Before you throw stones, spending more than three decades viewing the same face and learning to live and deal with its changes and loose bucket behaviour and accepting it for all that time you must have really loved and had the need to last an eternity with person and value their input. Regardless of the loop holes, the “deeping in the cookie jar” and “ranking” they still come back to you for opinion and next moves(How that should look and be sexy and sweet i have no idea). I just feel like effort lacks nowadays and initiative to make the other person happy and content so that the receiving can be better  though that was scrapped off the books. Well i am hella gangster with a tiny” itsy bitsy spider” speck of emotion but  good loving is on top of the list minus nagging because i love my space sometimes. It is not about the big things all the time its about the thoughtful. 

Back to normalcy

Lord knows how many goals i have sometimes i wonder if they are going to work or right when i am at number 12 a giant meteorite shall hit the the other and render us extinct lol i swear “no tomorrow” series is starting to seem too real. I know the frustration of wanting to run a mile in just one day but everything takes time. Plants too take time to grow. Humans too take time to mature.  Why can we not accept things happen when they need to and want to? We have a guy in the sky who controls our every step so we gat to wait for him to sneeze so that i get my black on black jeep😂😂. *No blasphemy* I love you too much God. 

Did you know there is the world’s highest building where the pool aligns itself with the peak of the mountains? I mean where the ice is at the top and the clouds (Najua watu wengi huku ni doubting thomas). Check out the below link

Can anybody give me job where i do alot of nothing and make alot of something?  Or  where i get paid to travel?  My my i would slay it. This jobs we have that give seriously high expectations and some really ugly coin range are sucking the life outta me. Well self employment is not shii,  if your capital is not crying woo and is struggling to exist. Investors are an option but seriously coming across one is gonna take some deeper connections(sponsor is closer and easier)😂. Well i love to work(not all the time) but when i do i do it to the letter because of course i need to get paid and its all i have why not perfect it. 😐

All  i am saying is every single person wants more in every situation but they want it to come and jump on a silver platter for delivery. If you need it, go get it. If you need to then be it too. 

I forgot to wish yall a splendid 2017 well its already started and january is looking pretty sucky but hey we gat more days in the year for better days. 


Ride or Die

Let us be straight up and honest to ourselves the riding is the smooth and  easy task until we come to the “dying”. Some people ride and get injured here and there but never die. Others die not like literally but oh well i look at sacrificing too much at your own expense till you have nothing left including your brain can be compared to actual physical death. I can attest that i have ridden 😂😂 (not trying to be cocky btw). I have seen alot not all but too much. 

When i was a kid i was obsessed with my toys. Some of them were girl related but most of them were weird inventions from mine truly my brothers and worse hand me downs. The hilarious part was the fact that it felt so good be the proud owner of some ” karatasi , plastic and stick invention ” that did not even have a bladdy name. 😂 Someone please take me back. You had now officially taken over and you had to guard that “thing”with all your might. Its like being the protector of Atlantis or whatever. Well that did not end well. I broke almost all of them, misplaced half of them (okay let us just say lost and quit being modest). I am clumsy. A friend of mine keeps telling me the day has not ended until i topple/lose/drop something. It is too jinxing btw. 


For the females that are ride to die good for you. Those who are selfish even better , yall should win a grammy. If you ain’t even close to riding i feel like being the bearer of bad news but lemme not. 😅😂. It is the freaking 21st century nothing is where it used to be, should be or want to be. Its like the same living room but with renovation and redesign.With riding comes responsibility and pressure, you either give it your all or get your ass a Margarita and watch the tower crumble. The saddest thing about females and our emotional freaking selves, we take up certain roles and invest so much. I ain’t blaming you at all. If men were on the same angle , we would be bored and would probably not know what to do with ourselves just a little. Okay we would probably be not sentimental since the men would be doing all that for us. We would probably be getting hair cuts. Hold up or discussing that color of Jordan’s we like, watching and betting on that football game at some bar with some couple of Tusker/Guinness to pour down. We would probably be discussing with the girls how our niggas are tripping and full of mood swings like a nigga lol😂😂(that seems out of this world). Basically i think God had some sort of purpose letting girls be girls since we pull that shii so well like gasping. 

Technically if you haven’t fully invested both material or non-materialistic shii in a relationship or whatever you haven’t lived.Where you foot all the bills and still get a hangover as a thankyou(that is just sad).   I swear i would love to go back to the days when our grandparents were popping,they knew the actual meaning of riding for each other.Probably a set up marriage where dowry is paid and you are whisked away on your way to river and have to learn how to love this human you barely know😂😂😅.They did not have much value for monetary value , they could barely afford much but they still held each other. In this century we have to insinuate ourselves into a situation. If you won’t ride for me with this amount of shii and swallow half or all of my shii, i have plenty of choices. I used to look at this from a different prospect more of like the female should give 110% while a man gives 40%. Basically a crap taker Lady till death do you part. 

 Listen, you should learn where to draw the line. You should know what you can take and what you cannot take. No use to bite what you can barely chew. I think it is only normal to be selfish, think about the repurcation of taking too much and how it will affect you. Just because you are a  person’s trash can , it does not make you special or irreplaceable.They shall find someone else to dump on sugar.If you are not gonna take a “bullet”,  duck .If you hate baggage, say it. If you cannot climb walls, be honest. If you have different goals and walk different paths, take a pass. If they cannot offer you what you think you deserve or want or need, take the next bus. Be realistic, be visionary. 

No need for complications. 

Yours truly, 



Pardon me but our school system sucks. Half of the things i read do not apply in any way to my life. You do not wake in the morning and think to yourself “I will apply Isaac’s Newton law of gravity to walk to the bathroom and thereafter use the Einstein’s law of relativity to whip me a sandwich”. If you do that,  you are most weirdest person on this freaking planet.

 Well i would blame our teachers for derailing the shii out of us but its too late we are past that stage and our life steering is at the cliff or worse it jumped already 😂. Credits to my math teacher, her spectacles where like face installed binoculars, she would glare at you and she would see what you did last summer she was too detailed. My Geography teacher was confused betty. She had no clue what she was going on about. She was hella funny though. My English teacher was too lost in his mother tongue half of the time you would question if he was qualified lol.He was not eloquent but he was intelligent or so most people said. 

I have a new issue though that i would like to address.It has been weighing on me for too long. Everyone looks  ahead to friday to do casual wear. Casual wear is life. Pull out that jeans and t-shirt look to the office so as to look fresh till evening when you link up with the homies or do that mini and denim for the night with the girls. I was sitting with my friend doing the usual catching up and a young lad walked past us in some rugged jeans. The biggest problem was that we could both see it was meant for a female but then again it raises the question of which team he plays for. πŸ˜•

Rugged is the fashion theme that is kinda tedious. With chicks, its kinda acceptable since we show off to show up.  Probably a cut out at the knee or thigh which is judged by some people in society mostly the elderly since they cannot keep with trends but now if your man has rugged jeans with cut out as similar as yours,piercings excessive than yours, a closet full of pink shade,  you are dating a fellow “female”. If that is not mind blowing to you, i apologise but its freaking weird to me. Men are known to be simple. They do not exaggarate.That should be the trend. I have nothing against the LGBT community by all means do you,  though if you are on that band wargon don’t play denial mike join the train already. 😧😂😂

People neglect outlook and don’t work on exterior presentation. People pick up a mojo with how you dress before you even open your mouth to speak. Everyone  at some point took an etiquette class or unit or lesson and we had to learn the do’s and don’ts. It stretches out to dating.If you come looking like you got dragged by some truck all the way from Downtown, best believe you will not get a call or text back. Do not bother waiting. I have no idea why physical is judged and dwelt on more evidently than what you can deliver. I wish personality had a dress code i.e.  if you wear that lime jacket you are selfish as fuck 😂😂😂. If you rock the red sole heel you are kinky :oops:😱😂😂.
Most people claim with females since we are the emotional party and the male counterpart are the physical trackers.We have no basis of judging a book by its cover. When he walks in and his look is wanting ,we should kill the side eye and concentrate on his heart 😂😂😂 as if i shall be walking around holding his heart. Outlook is everything. You can do whatever you want with your hair but for christ sake may it be clean. Cut your nails short. You are not dracula in the making ni**a, smell good since you are doing yourself a favour. In short clean up well. Do unto a “Sister” as you would want to be reciprocated to. Some people like different things for instance i love flats, rubbers or sometimes boots catch me dead in heels😂😂 I look like a reinvented human giraffe (not a good look). I just love comfort. Some love their men in shorts , jeans, official, cut outs almost everywhere but its their choice. I just cannot stand a man  looking like  his clothes got pulled out from Kanye’s clothing line. (Its scary)😧😧

Note:Simple is not ugly if the coordination is correct. ;);) If you had missed me good, if you had not just “let us play some sort of pretend”🙉😂😂😂. 

He is not that into you…

Okay i am so guilty.. Shoot me.. 

I stole it from the jeniffer aniston movie in 2009 with Ben Affleck.This was one hilarious movie😂😂. I can watch it over and over again. Jennifer Aniston has and will always be miserably funny and her sarcasm is top-notch. I sound like a groupie now👀, lowering it a little. I love movies. I literally have stacks on stacks of movies-how i wish that was the nature of my account-. Sigh..😝 On the bright side, i have entertainment. The fictional and vague nature amuses me. 

The “happy ever after”perturbes me. Most movies end up with a happy ending like the good guy survives and the bad guy either dies or gets arrested etc.In love stories, the couple at some point seems like it won’t make but in the end it makes it,  ALAS. I always wonder what if they don’t make it like ” The Perfect Match”, it makes the suspense even way better. Did she finally divorce the husband and go to “Terrence”? (I know I would)  syke:i am loyal 😂😂😂 but have you seen the abs on that guy? Okay … Now i am back. Does he eventually marry the chiqqutta he meets at the healthy drink spot? All i am saying, the suspense is sweeter and realer. 


Men are dogs 😂😂 (the amount of times i have heard that). Well i don’t know what exactly that dogs do that men do. Probably bark or wiggle their long ” tail”😂😂. See what i did there.Let me say it differently, Men are whores👀😂😂, yeap the words never lack to describe them. I sound like some typa feminist but i love having the stage to say it with no anger and judgement than it would be on a hot seat. I am a female and a male is a part of the puzzle and on a larger note i am raising one from a boy into a man.

All my life, i have grown up around men. From my dad to my brothers to my male counterparts. I have learnt and come to understand alot.Well being around them has not stop me from having my own share of experiences. 😂😂 let’s just say growth is crucial but actually living a situation is more revealing. I wish i knew alot of shit from birth but then again what would have been the fun in that. Its like knowing how a movie ends. BORING.Most people describe me as strong and too real. They go to extent of painting a picture, thinking that i have not been in the same dungeon as they have. I have drunk from the same cup, slept in the same bed and used the same towel.😂OKAY A LITTLE(alot)EXTREME. Something like that though. 

I used to date this guy. My adorable family whom i love so dearly but can be dumb sometimes(always). They nicknamed him “pharaoh “. 😂😂😂 Don’t ask. I loved him or so i thought. You know that thing where you are 16/17 and you are dating a guy in his 20’s precisely 26, you were the shiznt to your friends. I know ridiculous huh? 😥👀. To date why i” loved” him, its still a mystery. If you are still alive maen hope you  are good lol. Did he have the height? Yes. 6 footer. Did he have the body? Yes. I mean if he works out like crazy and runs too, its a given. He played basketball.He was a bow-wrapped gift all in one. We were really good friends or so i thought but the dating/relationship quagmire came for the reaping. I did not notice the quick sand. I started apologizing for shit he had done. I blamed myself for all his mistakes. I pulled more weight actually all the weight into our situation than he did among others way outta this world of normal dating in the 21st century or maybe i was still stuck in the 18 th century in my head where they stuck regardless. THAT WAS TOTAL CRAP, together with some good times. 

I believe in people and give them the benefit of doubt even when they do not deserve it at all.Despite all that, i am not hunky dory , convincing me is the hardest part. Though if a man is really into you, regardless of his “ways”(side bitches), you have the respect deserving of you.Well i don’t think that is more suitable, we need loyalty but that would be ignoring the fact that you may have to share at some point or you already are sharing. (Not even tracking him or clowning his phone shall save you).Acceptance is key.  You get treated accordingly to the rule book. You know how it goes.When you fall into the other category of:the other woman, side bitch, ATM, JUST baby mama , it is another whole different playing field. 

The ” blue ticks” is the order of the day.(God forbid) if he talks/replies to you, he is going to have a bad day.Do you remember when you used to cry to mummy to buy you that sweet/toy and you would nag and complain and be mad at her for not  doing so? Imagine asking for child support from a person who can’t stand you? 👀😹or seeking attention from a person whom would not even jump a bucket for you? 👀😂, the “please call me” fill your inbox.You cannot get a descent call  where he actually loads the credit and calls you furthermore you need him more than he needs you lol That is what you pay for Ms sponsor, the “P2” is your main drug(MM’s kando) including  the consequences and the amount of money you spend on it.He does not see a future with you(where you bear his child) whatsoever neither does he fathom it.The “i miss you text” it comes once in a while when the blue balls need some defreeze because when he sees you he sees a walking vjay that is all you have to offer. He even goes to an extent of calling you another girl’s name but if you are lucky , he remembers your name after your encounters maybe because of that voodoo thing you do 👀😂. It saved you. The “mobilesubscriber cannot be reached” and “please leave the message after the tone”typa shit . When you are given the timeline to call, if it is past 10 pm, do not call.He is at home with his family.Know your place woman😯. Yeap the other woman shenanigans. 

Have you ever heard men complain how we get away with some many things?  We have the crying backed up with the playing victim. I wonder if ya’ll know how much ya’ll get away with and for just having a beard. You do not need to earn 100% respect, 10% is already given to you by nature. People have to feel sorry for us(oh the girl child). We have to work twice as hard to prove that we can match up to you (ignore the ones that get down on their knees😥). Masculinity clears most of the things for you, not all.You should embrace it.I am not asking for pity. I am just saying. 

My fellow ladies, category is everything. If at work , the higher your position the well paid you are. You do not have to beat yourself up it is plain simple.It is not that you are not special or a good catch. No. 

  He is just not that into you. 

🙋🙋 you heard? 

On that note let me start making an order from pluto. If you hear me, i am making an early request. Give me the tall, real, sexy and loyal alien on the house with refunds ofcourse. If he ain’t dope that is. 😁😂😂😂😅

Chivalry ain’t dead…

I have no idea if it is still appropriate to use the word love anymore unless you are referring to family or somewhat the pet you love. I have no idea.. Humans are into very weird things nowadays i can no longer keep track. Mara sijui taking photos with a liquor bottle in this case that is keeping us between your manhood and our sanity. I really did not understand what was the message behind that picture.I just hope to God the person taking that picture was not a man. 😱 I mean there cannot be possibly be some more weird people in that category and they are either if not already fathers and they are going to make more minions in their likeness. Picture the damage right before your eyes as he (man with bottle) will be or is a role model.  Its propostrous. 👀:'(

Tell me about it… 

As a kid playing pretend was the order of the day. My parents would expect you to vacate the house for some hours and make the outdoors our humble embodiment. I loved it. I loved every single thing.From cooking “mud” to playing three sticks. I really loved “kalungulungu” 😂😂. If you were the mother, you would get to order people around. Well in the 21 st century we no longer play pretend. We live the pretence in reality. We are extremely naive at some point in our lives that we actually believe a human that aint your blood can literally adore you like cake toppings(i am such a sweet tooth😦) and i mean more than themselves. Bowy bye. 😂😂 

Do not get me wrong. Love is real. Love is blind. Yes,literally blind -you see what you want to see-. I say never try to argue with a person in love concerning their muse , you are going to go down like the Malaysia plane and you will never be heard of since you know the obvious deletion must occur. Can I give you my picture of love from a naive sense? This partner never says the wrong stuff.They just understand your language. They are never guilty. I mean their loyalty on their end 100%. Their perfection. Mr /Miss steal your chocolate.You come first. I mean gaddamit ain’t you one or something. As a lady perfect gentleman, pulls out seats and holds the car door typa shit. I won’t stop there. They text you every single day. Even in their sleep. 😂😂. They can cook and clean. Hygiene level 1000. Smells good too. I mean if they are the love of  your life shouldn’t they check out every thing on the list? 👀

I had a crazy list once. The type of list you can flip page to pages. The requirements were plenty. Best believe i got the perfect on my list but the bullshit behind it. Let us say the Fattest ain’t the juicest necessarily. 😦😥That ship left the docks. I don’t even think a list exists anymore maybe the rather obvious lol. At thirty probably, there will be two things😂. You see those qualities listed up there. Let me give you the sane qualities in this century. 

  1.  Hygiene level is takeable. For the least they don’t smell. They take a shower once or twice a day. I mean if they dirty it is creepy as fuck. Why are you even there? There is no excuse for being dirty if you have access to a tap. What about people in wajir? They travel a whole day just to secure a “mtungi. Again what is the dirt bug excuse? 
  2.  Perfume/cologne. Smells really good. Those typa turning heads smells. Well in most cases nowadays you cannot luck a body spray. I mean there is even Axe so. Its not too hard to locate a non-sweat stinker. For others they have a condition where they sweat profusely than normal but hey the the need to get more products
  3. Saying the right stuff. I have got to give it to people this days. Their words are sleek and smooth. Mr top shots come in slaying with money spiced up with words because the looks are really wanting or comes slaying with looks with no penny in their pockets  apart from the little money they will use to buy one bottle of Guinness and bus fare but they have words for days and are for the least not dressed too bad. Well i think even for a lion, it hunts quietly. It does not spot and pounce at first but it studies its prey. The secret for the human hunters is they intiate conversation and listen to your response on a couple of questions then from there they will know what exactly to say. 
  4. Cook and clean. Well let’s not push it too hard. I have seen a couple of male cocoons and let us say that most of them are wanting. Socks scattered everywhere, the sink always packed with dishes till you wonder is that maybe this human wakes every morning and sets the dishes like that😥👀 weird vs the neat and organized. In most cases men need women to bring some order in the house and well that is our duties but then again what if the girl is the disorganized one. He picks after her since she is spoilt but pretty . This quality it is not always presented on smooth scale. 
  5. Text and call every single day and night. Well unless their life is so boring or they are clingy as hell. You have got to admit. It is a little creepy, ALOT. I  mean we all need space to breath and atleast miss each other. Intense communication will not make cheat-proof. Help i can go a week without communication or two days in a week communication because i have things to do and its rather normal. Look at the economy , you have got to try to make paper on an insane level. Not that they are boring, its just that i need space sometimes. 
  6. Loyalty 😂😂😂. I saved it for the last because you are only loyal to yourself. Don’t expect too much.

Well i think in the normal sense, being swept off your feet is not those sorry excuses. Its more of understanding my crazy and relating to your crazy. Find your crazy and establish if you can deal with their crazy. The more you continue searching for a perfect crazy. Isn’t that farfetched since you ain’t normally perfect yourself? 👀 

Chivalry ain’t dead, it’s just remixed. :);). Find your tune. Feel me? 


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Will you feel it?

Can you feel it? 

How does it feel? 

Obnoxious, loud, craving to be let out, happy, content, glad to be attached and immersed.. 


That is the definition i have always wanted to hear. The kind that lures you in and do not want to let go. I have met people, been present for different scenarios except for my physics class where my mind could go off and at a far recognition i would hear Sharon laughing at the teacher’s jokes. I kept asking her like why do you laugh at his sad jokes lol.I  loved chemistry till date some of those topics did not make sense to me but it was still interesting. The bonds section specifically was mind blowing. Put into real life situations was hella interesting.

Digressing a little. 

What is it with people nowadays with settling.Its like seeing candy and loving it more than anything😤 but still choose crackers 😂😂. Its annoying. We are super obbessed with the idea of looking good to the onlookers and ranking them on a high chart like its some audition and they have the final word. My dear you better love yours.i know the stunt. I have lived,  breathed and fed on the stunt. The vetting whereby your friends meet your man and give their opinion. We always wanted to have a cute “arm” candy nigga and forget the crucial part-the chemistry-. Have you ever seen two people together and you ask yourself lotsa queries? Basically not because you give a lot of shit i mean if you ain’t rolling on it,  it ain’t your problem. I just think chemistry prolongs situation/relation-ships. You can see an old couple mid 60 going 70 giggling and laughing by themselves with no secondary company. I see it, its clearly visible that you may stop being head over hills in love with a person but the chemistry is undeniable. You get to have someone whom you connect on the same levels with no judgement and stupid fights lol. I would sign up for that for sure

I think chemistry fuels the train. It reminds you why you feel for a person over and over again. It helps create memories that will last a lifetime in remberance. I chose happiness than depression.I choose not to have to pretend and fake a lot for a sad man with a cleaned up exterior. I choose not to melt into people’s praises. The material aspect determines alot in a relationship. Regardless of sounding like a creep, we cannot feed on covalent bonds plus to set the ball rolling and actually date , you have to have a coin.I sound like a straight up you know what digger but people really love sugar coating facts. We cannot walk into a restaurant and order food as if our granny is the chef. Like i said a coin is crucial.

Well i have heard stories, stories that make me doubt marriage and its happy ever after till death do us part and the doubt may nevertheless go away. What i am sure of is that i understand and relate to chemistry that complete each other sentences typa shit or think the same shit and the same time and ya’ll in slience. That my friend is a covalent bond.The synchronization behind it is so beautiful and drawing. Some of us die without getting to experience it because we try to convince ourselves that a situationship is good for us and it clearly ain’t. 

To be clear chemistry is rare and in most cases you end up with a partner whom you share alot less because they were probably and easier or a shorter route to somewhat rainbow mambojambo. How i relate you may ask? I have dated people from shallow to smart, from religious to almost atheist lol, from handsome to an okay and yes it was for various reasons some of which made sense but looking back it was the dumbest move ever. Thank God for growth and realisation. Its really pretty easy nowadays snd straight forward. I let people feed off what they love best be the attention, be the ego, be the need to be worshipped etc and watch them “overdose”on it and feel good about themselves since humans are selfish regardless of how “holy” they may look. 

Love may dim out at some point but chemistry never fades:)

*lol i sound mushy as hell. Sadly upendo ulipepea kama ndege angani:'( hahaha😱👆  and then cupid missed my ass smh*